Monday, November 13, 2006

Snow Day

This morning as I was putting on my long johns for a trip to the mountain I began to wonder how the name "John" became associated with the men's privy and thermal underwear. Are women's thermals called "long Janes?" Have any of you guys ever heard a woman say "I'm going to the Jane?" And women, have any of you ever uttered said phrase?

Once I pulled myself from deep though I made the trip to the mountain. The snow is hip deep at least, but fortunately I had snowshoes. A friend, Wil, and I hiked to the top of Cinder Cone and rode down. The hike is about 45 minutes - a small price to pay for the first fresh tracks of the season. I even had to put the truck in four wheel drive to bust through a few big drifts in the parking lot on the way out.

On the downside, the state of SD said I didn't make enough money last year to qualify for unemployment this year. Bastards. I thought the fact that I haven't been making much money at any point in my life while still dutifully plugging away at some job would help my case. Apparently not. South Dakota, you disappoint me, but at least I'm not from North Dakota.


Cabiria said...

South Dakota, she is a cruel mistress. That's a bummer -- but at least the snow looks great!

Rachel said...

Snow looks awesome! I'm going to learn to ski here - I don't know when I'll find the money or the time, but how could I NOT go skiing in Austria?? I am quite certain I will end up on my bum many times in the learning process. :) Bureaucrats will screw you over any way they can - I still haven't gotten paid yet, and I've been working a month and a half. :|

kungfuramone said...

One of the many things I like about you is that you're from the correct Dakota.