Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Over the last few months I've attempted to drastically reduce the amount of time I watch TV. This hasn't been hard since I had no TV at all at the Tower. I still permit myself to watch the occasional British comedy on PBS or a Premier League game now and then. The crappy quality of most TV seems to be the driving force behind my lack of desire to try and commit to watching the few good shows that are out there. A notable exception of late, as per the high quality recommendation of Another Kind of Nerd, is HBO's "Deadwood." With a free two week trial of Netflix, the first season arrived promptly in the mailbox. Coincidently, I had the recent pleasure of spending a day on the slopes and a night in lovely Deadwood. I'm happy to report that Deadwood still harbors some really interesting characters and places. The atmosphere of those places has certainly changed over the last century and a third but some traditions just can't die. So to commune with the ghosts of Wild Bill, Calamity Jane, etc... a little nip of whiskey had to be enjoyed. Also, to keep with the traditions, the Saloon #10 still sports a dirty floor - saw dust. I've got to admit I like the sawdust. It facilitates some sweeeeet footwork on the dance floor.

In the category of "odd and unexpected" news, my mom has set up a blog. So for an occasional dose of good old fashioned fun and games check out Sunshine Blue Sky. Welcome aboard, Mom. Good to have you.

Monday, January 14, 2008


As most of you have likely gathered, not a lot of note goes on in SD. Of course I still love the state, just not necessarily the prospect of long-term residence. When something of notable does happen in SD, as a loyal resident I am obligated to support it and talk with pride about it to anyone who will listen (I think this obligation is actually written into the state Constitution right after the article prohibiting anyone from slandering the Corn Palace). So to fulfill my civic duty I attended a showing of National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets. The South Dakota connection stems from the prominent place Mt. Rushmore holds in the plot line.* Of course for me this was a double wahmmy since I'm working at Mt. R. The movie was no National Treasure 1, which was no Mummy, which was no Indian Jones etc... But at least NT2 featured the beauty of the Black Hills, right? Right. NT 2, while entertaining, requires one to completely turn off any trickle of analysis that may have snuck into the theater lodged in some dark corner of the mind. Where NT 1 seemed remotely plausible, NT 2 goes off the deep end. But I didn't go to the movie to be prompted to think deep thoughts - so it succeeded in that goal. Was I entertained? Yes. Was I impressed? No. Would I recommend it to anyone else? Heck Yes (remember, I'm duty-bound here). Just don't pay full price, save that for Sweeny Todd.

* To head off any more annoying questions at the visitor center
1. There is no lake behind Mt. Rushmore
2. No, you can't climb behind the heads
3. Yes, Nicolas Cage is an ass in real life

Monday, January 07, 2008

The Holidays

I finally seem to be emerging from the whirlwind of the Holliday season. I remember feeling really busy over the last few weeks, and I guess I was, it's just hard to remember every big meal, family get together, and gift opened. Overall though it was a grand time. Sister S came home a week or so before Christmas and we proceeded for the following three weeks to watch movies, eat, lay around the house, and eat some more, and continue laughing at jokes and memories that you probably had to be there to appreciate. And we both got harmonicas for Christmas so we are planning some kind of harmonica recital for the upcoming year. New Years was cold, S, my buddy Matt, and I camped in the snow, requiring lots of fire, hot liquids, and cheese to stay warm. We survived the cold, but my trusty digital camera froze to death. Fortunately we had a second camera to document the fun. See Flickr for some weird demented facial expressions. Even work was good over the holidays. I got to hike to the top of Mt. Rushmore - the top of Washington to be more specific. I really wanted to stand on the very top of his head and dance a jig, but rules don't allow for someone as low on the totem pole as me to be seen in broad daylight on top of the heads. Flickr also has some images of some Presidential facial expressions, though they may not be demented.