Thursday, November 09, 2006

My Town

I made the trip from Bend to Eugene on Tuesday to visit the members of the history posse that still remain in the rainy Willamette Valley. Being back in Eugene, strolling around on campus, and especially chillin' with the crew has been great. My brief two years in Academia treated me well, but I may never be back. It's too bad that Eugene isn't closer to the ski hill. The addition of a mountain/ski bum scene would be a killer combination with the vibe that Eugene already has.

This visit's activities have included some pool playing, some beer drinking, some tattooing (for my host Fernando, not me), a late night McRib (a lapse in judgement produced by the beer), some good reminiscing, and good company.

On a side note, I created my first ever playlist on my Ipod for the drive. A pinch of Willie, a little Jack White, some Built to Spill, a dash of Manu Chao and Rage Against the Machine, and even a little Montgomery Gentry equal a good drive. I recommend the "Life Aquatic" soundtrack for strolling around campuses. You get David Bowie in English and Portuguese.

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Esperanza Rossi said...

I am deeply impressed by the ecclecticism of your music list...manu chao + Willie = great!