Sunday, November 12, 2006

Snow and the various levels of Hell

My trip to Eugene was a great time. I'm looking forward to the next one. And on the way home to Bend, I was reminded of the other reason why I moved to Central Oregon...SNOW. Santiam pass was loading up and the snow was starting to stick to the roads much to my delight. I am just waiting to have to put the chains on the truck and drive around in some conditions that no one in their right mind should be out in.
On another note, I had the unique experience of taking in a Gwar show last night. They claim to be "mortals from hell sent to destroy the human race." Man was I unprepared for the blood-spurting, Satan-fighting, hand-job-giving antics of the members of the band. Each member of the band wore incredible costumes that combined lots of scary stuff - namely horns, spikes, and over sized versions of the male anatomy that no one really wants to see. The weirdest part was that these costumes were so elaborate that appendages could be ripped or sliced off (there was sword fighting) and they would spurt lots of fake blood or other appropriate bodily fluids out of them. It was an impressive show of puppeteering, especially when the ten foot tall mutated T-rex ate the ten foot tall Satan. The whole show depicted visually (I couldn't understand a word they sung) the band's decent into hell. On the way down they managed to kill George Bush and the Pope just for good measure. Check out their website, it's a trip. I was glad I went, so now I can say "I've been to a Gwar show" and gain some street cred in the Goth scene.Those poor-poor people in the first few rows. I think Gwar is best appreciated from the balcony with a beer in hand.


kungfuramone said...

Just as everyone ought to drink three times too much tequila at least once, everyone ought to see Gwar at least once. I saw them open for the Misfits years ago and it was probably the most hilarious 45 minutes of my life. I am elated that you got to do the same.

Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

Damn. That's some pretty crazy stuff. You need street cred in the goth scene why? Looks like you got to see quite the show. :)

yay for snow!!!

Matto said...

Yes, I am glad I saw them, a totally new experience.