Thursday, November 06, 2008

Let Winter Descend

The first Sunday in November came and went, a notable day here in YNP. The fishing season ends on the first Sunday in November. I managed to get out on my favorite river, but the fish just stared at my fly without actually taking it. Of course now the rivers look better than ever and about all I can think about is fishing. Then came election night. Going to bed happy and waking up with a sense of satisfaction with this country's politics was so novel that it got my mind off of fishing. I missed the election of '96 by a few months, so my first Presidential election was that of '00 and we all know how that monkey show ended up. Up until Tuesday night, very few people that I have voted for were ever elected. Well, I'm glad to say that has changed and if feels rad.

In the longer run, now that fishing season has ended, I welcome the snow back and hope it starts piling up. I retrieved my winter gear from SD last week so I am ready to start sliding on the white stuff. With the white stuff enters one of my favorite two month stretches of the's eating season. It started with Halloween candy courtesy of my sweet ninja costume and will only build from there through the fourth installment of the O brother's Thanksgiving celebrations and on to Christmas. I'm trying to start slow and build up so I can peak on Thanksgiving and Christmas eve.