Saturday, November 18, 2006

Dead End Jobs Have Their Benefit

Given the qualifications one must posses to work at Mt. Bachelor (see last blog post) it shouldn't have surprised me that the motivation of the employees and quality of work that they do is less than stellar. Example: today a young guy that I work with brought his board in to work to tune it up. He was excited to do this since tuning your own equipment during slow hours is a perk of working in the shop. So he got a few minimal instructions from the head shop guy and went about grinding the base of his snowboard on the base grinder (think huge belt sander turned up-side-down). Unfortunately for his board, he was a little too excited and proceeded to grind the base completely off his board and expose the wood core, thus ruining the board. For those of you not up on snowboard construction, think of it as getting only one set of tires for the life your car and then peeling out until they blew, making your car unusable. This is just one example of many that demonstrate the promise of Central Oregon's young adults. The upshot is I look like a freakin' genius. By simply not being a total dumb-ass while making even the slightest attempt to stay busy I am perceived as a model employee. Let's hear it for low standards.

To give said employees credit, they know where all the dives in Bend are to get cheap drinks. At the last place I visited I had the choice of PBR on tap, in 16oz tall boys, or High Life on tap. A drunk middle aged female redneck poked me in the butt with her pool cue, then I left.


Rachel said...

umm... that looks like John Kerry. Is it really, or has my brain been fried by the recent election coverage? pool cue held by a middle aged redneck, huh? sounds like a nice place. ;)

kungfuramone said...

Sounds like people in Bend haven't gotten a lot smarter despite the real estate boom. Methinks you should use your superior master's-degree-level intelligence to TAKE OVER and RULE WITH AN IRON FIST.