Thursday, January 25, 2007

My socks have been blown off

I'm easily entertained, not very critical, and usually generous with praise. I usually have something good to say about most live music that I go to see. So it comes as no surprise that I really liked last night's show by the Avett Brothers. But this was different, I really really really enjoyed it. The show blew away everything else I have recently seen despite my usual protestations of excellence after each show. The Avett Brothers are based in bluegrass (a banjo, guitar, bass viol, bass drum, and cymbal) but their music ranges wide. There are tastes of punk, ragtime, and folk, but with a bluegrass foundation. Regardless of the music, the energy that the trio brought to the stage was incredible. They weren't the best singers I've ever heard, but the songwriting made up for that and more. I knew it was a good show when halfway through I realized I hadn't even thought about going to get a beer. Crazy.

I had a twenty dollar ticket for the Keller Williams show that overlapped the Avett Brothers' show. I couldn't bring myself to leave the Abott Brothers early, so I only caught the second set of Keller's. He was good too, a better musician, but the energy and passion wasn't there, so I had that long awaited brew.


Brian said...

I heart drunken bluegrass dancing!

Rachel said...

i found this awesome little jazz place downtown, and the best thing about it, other than the cool music, is that there's a waiter, so you can have some yummy foodies and wine while listening to jazz. Course, there are many beer lovers as well, and i think Austrian beer comes in second in my book, because Czech beer is incredibly good.

p.s. avett or abbott?

Matto said...


Mariah C. said...

You heart ANY dancing, Bri, esp with champagne in hand! Heh heh heh. :-)
Sounds like a killer concert, Matt.
What can I say?
Livin' the dream!!!