Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Perhaps my age is starting to show. Tonight I eagerly busted out my "Flavor Scenter Steamer Plus" vegetable steamer/rice cooker. As I write, the scent of steaming veggies is wafting my way. The steamer has a nice feature that allows the user to add spices to the steam, thus flavoring the vegetables as they cook. I haven't been this excited since I learned how to put my pants on one leg at a time while standing (this morning). Just for the record I also received collapsible ski poles for Christmas as well.

Also, for all you Eugenians/Euginites/residents of Eugene/or whatever you are called, be notified that Keller Williams is playing at the McDonald Theatre on the 25 of Jan. He's in Bend the 24. It promises to be a good show, he's a great musician.

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