Monday, January 08, 2007


Last night was the Skjersaa's employee holiday party. The owner of the shop went all out and rented on an entire restaurant, called the Blue Fish Bistro. The Blue Fish is known to have some of the best food in Bend. Since I am back in one of my non-cooking ruts (far too many of my meals have been coming from boxes), some real food was awsome. I had the filet mignon. It was as tender as any steak I have ever had. The appetizers were great as well, but not to be topped by dessert. Of course the wine flowed freely and the deceptively large 16-oz wine glasses had everyone quickly on their way to Drunksville. Of course, being the new employee, I was the lucky one to get to work early this morning. No matter though, I've had the bad habit lately of going out on the nights before I work the next morning and not going out on my weekends. With that, since it is my Friday night, I'm off to bed to catch up on some sleep.

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kungfuramone said...

Yes, the patented Matt-O bounce-back ability is envied throughout the land by those with weaker livers.