Saturday, January 10, 2009


The holidays are finally over and I have returned to the snowy town on the border of the world's first national park. The whole affair of the holidays was a bit non-traditional this year. Everyone in my entire immediate family, and some of the extended family, except me came down with a nasty stomach flu. There was couch laying, day-sleeping, and bucket-carrying galore and the homestead. Thus a few of the normal Christmas traditions fell by the wayside. No matter, I had a nice time anyway being with family - which was the point of going home in the first place (though I did receive a sweet new 4 piece fly rod from Santa). I escaped the sick house unscathed and made a beeline for Idaho with my brother since he had already recovered from the plague. I celebrated New Year's in style in Idaho and enjoyed snowy outdoor activities with friends there.

Now back at my home in MT the job search is starting again. Substitute teaching and bar tending/pizza making seem to be on the horizon. The whole job search accompanied by daily news reports on NPR describing how crappy the economy is make for a bit of stress now and then. But last night I partook in some movie viewing that did what movies are supposed to do - distract you from real life with a good story and leave you entertained. If you need a little distraction and lot of entertainment I suggest you go rent yourself a copy of Big Trouble in Little China starring Kurt Russell. The film came out in 1986 so it now has a whole level of entertainment that I'm sure it didn't have to begin with. Whatever it is, the movie is great - go watch it now.

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Anonymous said...

Big trouble in little china! Kurt Russell! I love kurt. he da man. What a film...