Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The life list

Today I had the pleasure of crossing an item off the list of things to do in my life. This item was not especially hard to accomplish, but nonetheless satisfying to achieve. Accomplishment only required a forty mile drive and and three dollars (two for a PBR and one for a tip). Drinking one PBR was not my goal, the location was. And that location was the Moonshine Gulch Saloon in Rochford, SD. The Moonshine Gulch is one of those rare places that is more a holdover from gold rush days than it is a member of the 21st century. It's really a miracle that the place is still in business given that the population of Rochford is about 20, with a peak population of one thousand in the early 1880s. The atmosphere and uniqueness of the Saloon didn't fail to deliver. I was the one and only customer, joined by the barmaid who had owned the place for 30 years, and her dog. The pictures tell the rest of the story (a couple here and a couple on flickr: check out he sweet collection of hats and decaying business cards plastered all over the ceiling).


Brian, Brain, B-town, Ginger, Mississippi Jim, etc. said...

I have actually eaten a hamburger there.

jdshea said...

Betsy at the Moonshine Gulch?!
I hope you played some music on the juke box.
Good luck with your adventures!

mynameisponcho said...

nice spot! another of the wonders of the world ticked off as "done it"

Sarah said...

Yah, I ate there once and was going to order some entre, but the person taking my order told me to stay away from that because it had been in the fridge for quite awhile. No where else can you get such blatant honesty.