Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving food hangover

Probably the best holiday has come and gone. But it was a good one.

Continued traditions:
1. A fine three part liquid concoction of the Emerald Isle
2. All the usual good foods

New endeavors:
1. Four sweet potato pies (five pounds of sweet potatoes goes a long way)
2. Making thin bread (see pic)

Things missed:
1. Rekishi Ninja's green bean casserole (I only had it once, two years ago. It was that good)
2. A second orange-haired sibling


Brian, Brain, B-town, Ginger, Mississippi Jim, etc. said...

Nice corn-o-copia in the picture! I wish i could try out the thinbread!

Sarah said...

All hail, wasail! Here's to the thin bread, an awesome picture, and continued traditions!

Trust in Steel said...

Well done, glad you had a festive time!

Jasper said...

I feel bad about not having any liquid concoctions from the emerald isle, but I think I'll try to get one in over Christmas.