Thursday, June 07, 2007


It has been very rainy here lately. Uncommonly rainy, at least when compared to the last few drought stricken years. In consequence, the countryside is beautifully green and verdant. The deer are starting to fatten up, lots of birds are singing, and even the skunks look pleasant.

Now that it is June, many important Native American ceremonies take place. They are particularly centered around the solstice. But on the first of June, there was a guy playing a drum and singing in Lakota up on the boulder field below the tower. His was singing in the distance, so it sounded almost as if you were imagining things. The experience of hearing him was really cool. After that, the interp staff had a discussion with some Lakota Sioux elders about the sacredness of Devils Tower, or Bear's Lodge more accurately. This old Indian couple had some of the most profound things to say about respect, peace, and making your way in the world. The tolerance this couple had for other points of view (provided they were respectful) was really inspiring. For most of the day, they simply told stories that served to teach many of the lessons that were imparted to them as youngsters. It was often hard get them to answer questions in a pointed or specific way, but nonetheless I learned a lot and was reminded how far simple respect can go towards solving complex problems.


another kind of nerd said...

Sounds fantastic, my friend. It's one thing to study, entirely something else to experience fleeting moments. And, as one of the only people in the real world (real, when my field of study is in NO way applicable), this is a timely(gentle) reminder of the larger (smaller) world.

another kind of nerd said...

I'm not entirely sure that makes sense... no more comments for me after 9:00pm.

Rachel said...

i don't get it. :) I read a book recently by a Lakota, and it was really interesting. I had only read Sherman Alexie before, and he's rather vitriolic. It's interesting to see the other side of the coin.