Thursday, December 14, 2006

The streak continues

The hour was late, and the weather crappy, but I couldn't let the streak end. I went out and cut myself a Christmas tree today. I've had one every year of my life but the streak was in jeopardy as I just hadn't gotten in the Christmas mood yet. If it wasn't for the bad weather I probably wouldn't have cut one this year. A Cascade style storm has been pounding the mountains, with rain. The snow level is about half-way down Mt. Bachelor, making any snowboarding completely miserable. So instead I went and cut a tree. It isn't exactly the Rockefeller Square Christmas tree, it's rather anorexic looking when compared my trees of the past. But once I get my homemade decorations on it - popcorn strings and those paper chains everyone made in kindergarten - it should spruce right up. My apologies for the bad pun. The drive home with the tree on top of the truck was an eventful one. A spindly tree and fifty mile-per-hour winds combined for some serious tree movement and rubbernecking as I drove through town. Pictures will be coming soon.


Anonymous said...

Just like you, no thought about the environment. You can't just go around cutting down xmas trees. Its only ecologically correct if you buy them from someone else who has cut them down. Just like everyone else has to do. The cheek of it.

Anonymous said...

Actually I don't know if that last comment I made was funny or insulting. As I can't delete it. I'll choose the former.

Dolce Vita said...

Alright already. Where are the pictures?!

Dolce Vita said...

Regarding your last post, Matto. My brother-in-law works for NPS at Y.N.P. every summer. I asked him to mention your name to the people hiring interpreters. He said he knows the ones at Lake/Fishing Bridge and Canyon (but he also said the turn-over from year to year is slim). Best of luck with that.

On a related note, I think that you are ideal for an interpreter position with my old employer - and you've a veteran FS employee, which is a bonus (if you're interested). Check it out on-line:
Their application deadline is in January sometime. I can contact the people I know there to find the listing which they post on USA jobs (and it is impossible to find).

You can get my current e-mail address from E.

Rachel said...

I love Christmas trees! No reason to get one this year though, will be in Croatia. It would be nice, though, very festive. And I think the ones you buy are grown for that purpose anyway, somewhat like chickens. :D Happy tree decorating!