Friday, February 20, 2009

Job Number 3

My days of stressing out due to lack of work have abated for the time being. Since returning from a short trip to ID, I will have worked 10 out of 11 days. This turn in fortunes is due to Job Number 3: Coffee/sandwich shop dude (is the term barista exclusive to female coffee technicians?) Though this job is a temporary gig for the duration of a week, I feel like I have a corner on the town of G's addictive drink market. Days at the coffee shop, nights at the bar. As one astute patron asked, "Do you work everywhere in G, or just everywhere that I go?" Since the coffee shop also peddles sandwhiches I feel that I have had a glimpse into the food service industry. I have never worked in the food service industry so this short foray has proven interesting and enlightening. As with most things it has its ups and downs.

1. A free meal or two
2. A free drink or two
3. Meeting lots of locals
4. Understanding more clearly the vast logistical system set up to support the food service industry.
5. Stainless steel counters, appliances, etc... that just demand being clean.

1. Washing your hands constantly - I believe heartily in washing your hands a lot anyway, but the your skin can only take so much
2. Wearing latex exam gloves in addition to washing hands - as one guy said as I asked him if he was ready for his check "You bet I am, any time a guy wearing latex gloves approaches me I'm outta here."
3. Burning people's food.


Ranger said...


Sarah said...

Bartista works for the dude form too. Occupations are like that. And in reference to all these jobs...count it! Plus-I now designate you the one in charge of organizing lunches at home since you have all this experience now with food...grilled sandwiches are always good.

Nancy said...

Barista is both genders. How does the sanwich compare to the pizza food industry?

Mariah Ortiz said...

YO YO! Thx for the updates, cous. How is life looking these days?
At the very least, you are in the most beautiful place ever!
- Cous. M