Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The regularity of my blogging seems to follow a general pattern - When I move somewhere new, I have lots of time on my hands and I blog with some frequency. As my tenure at any given location continues, my time is increasingly occupied by the various things one does as the socially awkward phase of meeting people transitions to that of membership in a community. While this has happened as the summer has progressed, the departure of many of the seasonal employees at the Tower has given me some more free time. The problem is, my internet access is provided by an open wireless connection at a local tourist trap. The catch is that you have to sit outside on picnic tables where the deer and antelope quite literally play. As the equinox approaches I have found myself on various occasions, checking my email in the dark with a hat a gloves on. The cold, darkness, and be-gloved hands have combined to zap what were good intentions to blog. Never fear though, I will be making a move somewhere new in the next couple months, so my blogging frequency should increase. I still have no clear place to go. So I will do what I normally do...get in my truck and drive around the west pretending I have the money to be unemployed until I get something figured out. Yellowstone is on the docket of travel destinations, hopefully for a week, and hopefully with a lot of fishing involved.

As for other travelers, I have to give a shout out to three cool cats who have initiated blogs to document their travels - My bro heading for the southern-most tip of S. America, his intrepid and eloquent girlfriend researching an MA thesis in Guatemala, and my bro's former roommate, mutual friend, and all around good chap learning to speak the local lingo in Taiwan. Oh to be young again.


SuperJew said...

Matto! Hey there sir! Just wanted to let you know, I've officially written my first blog! It's on Smurf This. Ummm...I don't know the link, but Camille has it on hers. I've linked you to mine too.
;) Lauren

Nancy Patterson said...


Thanks for your intrepid traveler comments! Oddly, while tedious, research is proving fun. Maybe it's because I get to sit in an incredible place (amid pyramids) 8 hours a day and ask people about their trip....

Here's my vote, I think you should go on an intrepid adventure yourself! Spain, perhaps? Or Chile? Europe...?

How was Yellowstone?!