Sunday, February 18, 2007


I've been enjoying the act of yelling lately. Usually I yell when I am alone, I'm not a big public yeller. That may change though. I yell a lot in the car, mostly out of enthusiasm, sometimes out of frustration at other drivers. I am particularly enthusiastic these days about an upcoming backcountry snowboard trip in the Wallowas with my bro, cracking PBR's after work, and as of today, fish tacos. I have never had a fish taco before. The employees of Skjersaa's put in a big order at a local burrito joint. My order was screwed up and I got fish tacos instead. Thank goodness for that, a whole new world has opened up for me.

Back to yelling though. As per a recent conversation with my sister, I was reminded of an awkward yelling faze I went through when I was about her age, 19. As she is experiencing now, I experienced the inability to determine my natural yelling pitch. I experimented with high yells (too girly) and low yells (too fake/angry). I couldn't find a middle ground that expressed enthusiasm and felt natural. Fortunately I am past that. I feel confident enough now to give a high pitched "wooohoooo" at a concert or a natural tenor "yeah" when fantasizing about shredding some deep pow in the mountains. I think there will be growth in my utilization of yelling in the near future.

In other developments I haven't eaten breakfast cereal in three months. This is huge.


Anonymous said...

you don't strike me as a yeller, still it just goes to show you that just when you think you know someone, they pull one out of the bag that makes you stand up and shout, "hey! i don't know even know you!"

Cabiria said...

Oh yeah. Fish tacos are one of the reasons I conveniently decided I lack fish empathy. So good. Next time you're in Eugene you have to try them at Mucho Gusto.

Rachel said...

seafood/fish on pizza - had some frutti di mare pizza in the cinque terre - looked disgusting, what with the fish bits and mini octopi on it, but it tasted fantastic. If it's at all similar, I really need to try fish tacos.

Sarah said...

I'm glad this phase shall pass. I'm not much of a girly yeller, so I never know what exactly to do. I'll work on it though and get back to you.